If you haven't noticed, we talk a lot about nose-to-tail eating. Pork tenderloin for dinner? We want offal and sanguinaccio dolce, too. Roasting a whole chicken? We'll have wings one night and drumsticks the next, then use the bones for stock when we're done. We waste not; we want not — and that goes double for corn.

After all, summer's golden vegetable wants you to use every last scrap. Shuck it, prep it, and get down to business: You'll turn those silks into tea, those cobs into risotto, and those kernels into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But while you're congratulating yourself on your old-world thrift, don't forget to dig into a whole cob, roasted and smothered in butter, too.

Savory masa corn cakes with green chile, cheese and lime crema by zindc

Corn, spring onion, and ricotta tart by Jade O'Donahoo | Eat This My Friend

Sweet corn fritters with sriracha-lime greek yogurt by Carey Nershi

Black bean and corn burgers by Gena Hamshaw

Grilled corn with basil butter by lisina

California chicken tacos with corn and ted cabbage slaw by Linda Burkhart

Charred corn and avocado salad with lime, chili, and tomato by EmilyC

Avocado cornbread by aargersi

Tomato salad with corn, summer squash and roasted onions by Merrill Stubbs

Summer corn risotto in sweet corn broth by Susige

Kettle corn by Kenzi Wilbur

Picolo de milho verde (corn pop) by meraviglia

Photo of corn fritters by Carey Nershi; photo of kettle corn by Eric Moran; all others by James Ransom

This article originally appeared on Food52.com: 12 new ways to eat corn this summer

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