This title says it all, people. Because really — isn't less always more? Here are 13 recipes that will save dinner, time and time again: the ones to lean on, the ones to commit to memory. (They're just five ingredients, after all.)

Simple bolognese by Merrill Stubbs

Le Bernardin's crispy-skinned fish by Genius Recipes

Decadent fried egg sandiwch by HalfPint

Maple-cardamom glazed salmon by alasully

Diana Kennedy's carnitas by Genius Recipes

Macaroni peas by Nicholas

Gabriella's farmer cheese gnocchi by NakedBeet

Wilted escarole with feta, walnuts, and honey by Brooklyn Salt

Dyer's Island lobster hash by Stephen Gray

Sugar steak with bourbon by Amanda Hesser

Barbara Kafka's simplest roast chicken by Genius Recipes

Shrimp à la Bittman by Amanda Hesser

Marcella Hazan's tomato sauce with onion and butter by Genius Recipes

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This article originally appeared on 13 five-ingredient dinners