With chia seeds popping up in the breakfast aisle and kale on every corner, it's easy to think that we're living in the superfood golden days. While it's true that people ate berries, salmon, and dark leafy greens long before marketing geniuses came up with the concept of superfoods, it's also probably true that we enjoy more obscure grains than our grandparents did.

Chances are, your grandmother did not eat quinoa. Maybe you didn't even eat quinoa — until it became ubiquitous overnight, that is. Now it's showing up in your breakfast, your lunch, your dinner, even your dessert. Here are 13 ways to make a meal of it.

Yogurt with toasted quinoa, dates, and almonds by Amanda Hesser

Guacamole quinoa by foxeslovelemons

Quinoa cookies with coconut and chocolate chunks by Loves Food Loves to Eat

Quinoa salad with hazelnuts, apple, and dried Cranberries by darksideofthespoon

Maple quinoa granola by spacekase

Red quinoa salad with spicy lime vinaigrette by Jillian Bernardini

Lemon herb quinoa with hemp seeds, spring peas, and basil by Gena Hamshaw

Buffalo-style quinoa chili by Stacy McCann

One pot kale and quinoa pilaf by deensiebat

Black bean and quinoa veggie burgers by Sonali aka the Foodie Physician

Oats and quinoa breakfast bars by CravingSomethingHealthy

Quinoa and mango salad with lemony-ginger dressing by jenniebgood

Toasted almond and coconut quinoa porridge by Gena Hamshaw

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