There's lots of talk about ingredients saving dinners. Sardines. Beans. Hot sauce, lemon, Parmesan. That's great and all, but let's get real here: Eggs are the real saviors of Ye Olde Stress-ed, Tired Weeknight. They're warm, they're runny, they're anything we want them to be — and they're finished cooking in mere minutes. Here are our favorite ways to eat eggs for dinner — what are yours?

Saued kale, roasted sweet potato, and poached egg holiday toast by cristinasciarra

Chickpea, spinach, and chorizo frittata by Hadyourtea?

Avocado y huevos caliente by Angela @ the well-worn apron

Strata with sausage and greens by Merrill Stubbs

Spanish tortilla by Amanda Hesser

Eggs in spicy minted tomato sauce by ieatthepeach

Not exactly grandma's migas by lastnightsdinner

Toast with squash, prosciutto, and an egg by fiveandspice

Spaghetti carbonara by brette warshaw

Poached egg and bacon sandwich by pipsplate

Slow-cooked Tuscan kale with pancetta, breadcrumbs, and a poached egg by Alexandra Stafford

Tomato-y, yogurt-y shakshuka by Nicholas

Celery salad with soft boiled egg and shaved bottarga by Nickanderer

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