Last week's question: An 18-year-old New Jersey high school student is suing her parents for financial support and tuition payments after she moved out of their house in a dispute over whether she had to follow their rules. On what grounds could parents sue their teenagers?


THE WINNER: Intentional infliction of emotional distress
Patty White, Piedmont, Calif.

SECOND PLACE: Failure to provide value for monies invested
Kathy Wesner, North Canton, Ohio

THIRD PLACE: Trespassing
Raven Deerwater, Mendocino, Calif.

Loitering in bathroom
Sonja Amadae, Cambridge, Mass.

James N. Rhodes, Columbiana, Ohio

Pain and suffering
Alan Parven, Commerce Township, Mich.

Failure to vacate the premises when given timely notice
Lou Franzini, St. Augustine, Fla.

Chronic insubordination
Ken Kellam III, Dallas

Premeditated ungratefulness
Phil Litts, Lodi, Calif.

Violating the Fifth Commandment
Sheralee Iglehart, Stanford, Calif.

Alienation of assets
Denham Smith, Chelsea, Mich.

Abandonment and loss of affection
Rochelle Fincke, Colonia, N.J.

Misappropriation of parental retirement funds
Barbara Harman, Concord, Calif.

Dick Adler, Lecanto, Fla.

Extorting room and board by hugging me once in a while
Kristen Pavlik, Laurel, Md.

Insufficient funs
George C. Morin Jr., Littleton, Colo.

Defamation of character for every text complaining of parental action
Marcia Murphy, Burlington Mass.

For like, you know...whatever
Suzanne Ginger, Farmington, Ill.