There are the meals that turn you into a lump on the couch, there are the meals that make you hungry twenty minutes later, and there are the meals that do their job. Those meals, we're guessing, have superfoods in them — ingredients that make you feel unstoppable, that arm with you energy, and that feed your body with the all-powerful nutrients.

The good news is, you don't have to force feed yourself spoonfuls of wheat germ or gnaw on raw nubs of broccoli stems to feel good. Instead, we've rounded up our favorite recipes that also happen to include some kick-ass superfoods, so even if you don't like flaxseeds, you won't notice them in those blueberry muffins, and if you could do without quinoa, you'll still love those black bean burgers.

Regardless of your New Year's resolution, we're looking forward to a year of good eating.

Blueberry oatmeal and flaxseed muffins by Merrill Stubbs

Ginger soy glazed salmon by Meatballs&Milkshakes

Avocado lassi by PistachioDoughnut

Black bean orange peel edamame by Savorthis

Turnip greens frittata by Amanda Hesser

Linguine with sardines, fennel, and tomato by lastnightsdinner

Sweet potato soup with feta and zaatar oil by lauren

Black bean and quinoa veggie burgers by Sonali aka the Food Physician

Lentil and sausage soup with kale by Merrill Stubbs

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