1. Whiskey stones with a twist


I have my father to thank for turning me into a scotch snob, but unlike the Elder Eberspacher, I prefer my single malts light on the rocks. For the nights when even one cube feels like overkill, these granite chillers are clutch. With traditional whiskey stones, you need to toss in three or four to get the cooling effect. Not only are these granite versions far prettier, it just takes one and you're ready to sit back and sip. ($34; Amazon) — Sarah Eberspacher

2. Cards Against Humanity


If you loved playing Apples to Apples as a kid, then you're going to quickly become obsessed with the R-rated version of it, Cards Against Humanity. Answer "How did my last relationship end?" with an array of colorful, nonsensical, dirty responses, from "cheap aliens" to "half-assed foreplay." There's nothing better to play when you're snowed in for a weekend. ($25; Amazon) — Emily Shire

3. Instagram marshmallows


This company in England will put your Instagram photos on marshmallows. You choose nine, and if you're lucky enough to live in Europe or North America, they send you a box of 'em. It's a good gift to receive...then make disappear. ($20; boomf.com) — Nikkitha Bakshani

4. Raspberry Pi

People are using the Pi to control all kinds of things — media centers, musical instruments, robotics, weather balloons, prosthetics. Yes, I want a computer. And I can get a tiny one for under $30. ($29; adafruit.com) — John Aziz
5. A saucy 2014 calendar
You know what I never mind? Calendars. They're practical and, depending on the subject, a delight to admire each month. Usually, I'd be game for the hilarious and adorable puppy calendar, Underwater Dogs, by photographer Seth Casteel ($10 on Amazon). But since I do already have a "puppy wall" above my work computer (hey, a girl has to look at something), I think I'll spice things up this year with an NYC Taxi Drivers 2014 Calendar. I find when chatting up cabbies that they have fantastic takes on the weather, tourists, and the general goings-on in the city, but it's only now that I realize that they also have a way with the camera. ($15; nyctaxicalendar.com) — Lauren Hansen
6. A Star Wars wine stopper
I can't be the only person who loves drinking wine as much as I love Star Wars, right? Believe it or not, there's a whole slew of R2-D2 kitchen products, including a bottle opener and a soy sauce dispenser. But I'm especially partial to this R2-D2 bottle stopper. The little droid looks as comfortable plugged into a wine bottle as he looks in an X-Wing. ($16; Amazon) — Scott Meslow
7. A throwback telephone
I don't like using the cellphone speakerphone, and Bluetooth things in your ear kind of freak me out. Ye Olde Phone handsets cradle against your shoulder, put the speaker at your mouth, and are vaguely steam-punky. What's not to like? ($10; Amazon) — Peter Weber
8. A Gengar sweatshirt
Pokemon is great and Gengar is the greatest Pokemon. So what better way to zone out after a long day of working and not watching Pokemon than to go home, wrap up in a Gengar sweatshirt, and watch a little Pokemon? Original 150 only, of course. ($25; Etsy) — Jon Terbush
9. A do-everything multi-tool
Life improves dramatically with a sturdy multi-tool in your pocket. I use my Leatherman to open stubborn plastic packages, assemble cheap furniture, and — once in awhile — to open a bottle containing alcohol. Tough stuff. So, if you work in a field that doesn't constantly require you to fight off crocodiles or wrestle bears, the Wingman is pretty great. ($30; Amazon) — Chris Gayomali