1. Casio calculator watch


A long time ago, before iPhones and Google Glass, a Casio calculator watch was the coolest gadget in the world. Not only did it tell time and make you look like a brainiac, but it came with a built-in calculator, a stop watch, and a touch pad, so you could do fun things like solve math problems on the go, or time an impromptu relay race. Even 30 years after their debut, Casio's calculator watches still appeal to the nerd within. [Buy here]

2. Food face plates


For the beauty enthusiast in your life who also likes to play with her food, Ms. Food Face plates are the perfect gift. The dishes feature a bald lady's face, perfect for dressing up with a salmon wig, a broccoli rabe necklace, and teriyaki sauce eyeliner. [Buy here]

3. Lip balm science kit


Getting lip balm in your stocking is never particularly thrilling. But a Lip Balm Laboratory that lets you mix your own custom gloss with shimmer, fruit flavors, and colors? That sounds pretty boss. The kit comes with beakers and a heating tray, and lets you mix your own cosmetics like a chemist. You'll probably only use it once, but you'll remember it for the rest of your life. [Buy here]

4. Super Star Destroyer Lego set


This 3,000-piece Lego set comes with a mini Darth Vader, a few of his pals, and a ship that can destroy stars. It measures a sleek 50 inches when complete. It's amazing, but it's just one in a large series of adult-appropriate Star Wars-themed Lego sets. If you don't want to fight for the dark side, you can also get a Jabba's Palace set, or an Ewok Village. [Buy here]

5. Hometown Puzzle

(Courtesy Shutterstock)

Puzzles: They're the perfect gift for anyone who doesn't want to spend their lazy Saturdays in front of a computer. National Geographic took the games to the next level by using its "groundbreaking cartographic data set" to create customized puzzles of hometowns. Just type in the recipient's home address, and in two to three weeks National Geographic will send you a 400-piece puzzle that covers a six-mile-by-four-mile area. [buy here]

6. The quadricopter

(Facebook/Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter)

The mother of all remote control helicopters, the Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter syncs with your iPhone, and lets you battle with other drones on your Wifi network. If there aren't any other adult kids in your house, you can also download single-player augmented-reality games from the iTunes App Store and Android Market. [Buy here]

7. Jim Howard's fashion paper dolls


The award-winning fashion illustrator Jim Howard transforms his sketches for top designers from the 70s, 80s, and 90s into glamorous paper dolls that totally outshine the ones you played with as a kid. Using a paper wardrobe of his drawings, you can mix and match Balenciaga coats with Chanel dresses on svelte forms, creating fantasy outfits for just over $10. [Buy here]