Last week's question: American adults scored below the international average in a test of math, reading, and problem-solving skills, with 12 countries scoring higher than the U.S. in all three categories. In what skill would America still rank No. 1 in the world?


THE WINNER: Spending money we don't have
Dick Wilcher,
Mount Airy, Md.

Deep fat frying
Jeffrey Contompasis,
Ashburn, Va.

Sonja Amadae,
Cambridge, Mass.

Electing idiots
Marlon G. Smith,
Elmont, N.Y.

Problem-making skills
Bernice Roberts,
Middletown, N.J.

Ujjal Kohli,
Saratoga, Calif.

Putting a big "Closed" sign on the government
Claire Ziffer,
Union Grove, Wis.

Going into debt
Ken Kellam III,

Per capita consumption of everything
William J. Kiskowski,
Capitol Heights, Md.

Selfies per capita
Eric McCormick,
New York City

Finding ways and excuses to become obese
Bob Maxwell,
Brevard, N.C.

Keeping up with the Kardashians
Kevin Moran,
St. Louis Park, Minn.

Destroying the English language
Christopher Glenn,
La Mesa, Calif.

Teaching foreigners how to excel at math, reading and problem-solving skills
John Achinapura,
Great Meadows, N.J.

Texting while driving, eating, making love, etc.
Joel Conarroe,
New York City

Judging from the number of commercials, erectile dysfunction
Glen Greenfield,
Santa Monica, Calif.

Police tasings
MaryKay Serrill,
Smithville, Texas

Bill Glinka,
Colchester, Vt.

Addiction and rehab
Laura Cahners-Ford,
Charlotte, Vt.

Ed Ellinger,
Sequim, Wash.

Leading from behind
Randy Amburgey,
Rockville, Md.

Shooting each other
Cynthia Hall Grossman,
Durham, N.C.

Deciding how other countries should solve their problems
Bob Arriola,
Santa Cruz, Calif.

Borrowing money to pay someone to do our math, reading and problem solving for us
David A. Hettinger, Beckley,

Forgiving our enemies by consistently re-electing them to Congress
Jack Faust,
Portland, Ore.

Re-gaining weight lost after dieting
Charles & Mary Parry,
Catonsville, Md.