Your much-needed lunch break finally rolls around. But you open up your brown bag only to find that your sandwich, a light at the end of a midday-tunnel, has turned into a sad, disheveled mess. "I don't understand," you think to yourself. "It looked perfectly pristine this morning." Or, even worse, you carefully prepare a sandwich for someone else, but they open it only to find it damaged in transit.

Sandwiches, though, just like any other present, can (and should!) be mindfully wrapped, with neatly creased corners and tucked-in edges. And, as a bonus, no tape is required. Our preferred method uses wax paper, but parchment paper works just as well.

The size of paper is important, so tear off a piece of wax paper that is larger than your sandwich and twice as long as it is wide. Place the sandwich directly in the middle of the paper. Line the edges up and form a tent above the sandwich.

Create a 3/4-inch fold and continue folding over until you reach the sandwich, and lightly flatten the fold.

Fold the additional flaps on either side into an arrow shape. While maintaining the horizontal 3/4 inch fold, tuck the right side arrow underneath the sandwich. Repeat with the left side.

Now, this sandwich is ready for adventuring. Don't forget to slip in a note!

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: How to wrap a sandwich

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