1. Jamie Lannister looks like Prince Charming
Let it be noted that Casterly Rock's resident prince of twincest bears an eerie resemblance to Shrek's Prince Charming. In fact, there is a whole Tumblr dedicated to spreading the word.

2. Here is a dog in a beekeeper suit

3. Jay-Z does "art" now
In case you weren't already grappling with your own mortality, Father Time was kind enough to transform a once-talented rapper named Jay-Z into hip-hop's equivalent of a running dad joke, as best evidenced by the collective groan uttered by music critics in response to his new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail.

Perhaps it was Kanye's idea, but this week Jay took over Manhattan's Pace Gallery to lip sync the words to a new track, "Picasso Baby," for six hours straight as some kind of music video/performance art mash-up. Suffice to say, things got a little weird, especially when professional starer Marina Abramovic turned up.

4. The SharkNado carves a path of destruction
If at some point you were on the internet this week, you likely crossed paths with SyFy channel's SharkNado — a B-film about a tornado that carries sharks from the ocean, keeps them alive, and flings them at people. For awhile, it was all anyone on Twitter could talk about, but when the movie finally aired on Thursday night, hardly anyone actually watched it. (The Atlantic called it a "huge bust.") My guess is this was just one of those instances where Twitter, for all its #new #media virtues, turned out to be little more of an echo chamber. Or perhaps a seashell you hold to your ear.

5. How to avoid bears
The SharkNado phenomenon may have been overblown. But you know what dangerous predator isn't overexposed? Bears. So bless this local news reporter for putting all the gusto she could muster into this short bear safety PSA, which includes helpful tips like "flail your arms to let the animal know you're human" and "stay quiet... unless it attacks." (Via Gawker)

6. "Blurred Lines" meets the Cosby Show
Robin Thicke's new song ruffled feathers this week with what Ann Friedman at The Cut called its slightly "rapey nature," with "phrases like 'good girl' and 'I know you want it' uttered in rapid succession." Although the jury's out on whether the controversy was overblown or not, here's the track mashed up with the Cosby Show's season 2 opening, because, well... I don't know. It works?