Well, this is great. Rapper the GZA recently dropped by a Bronx classroom to surprise high school students with an unexpected science lesson. (Or so the video tells us.) And better yet: It's nowhere near as corny as you'd expect.

The Genius — who we last saw shooting the breeze with physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson — workshops the class through a few rhymes aimed at helping them better understand Darwin's theory of natural selection. The pilot program, Science Genius, was created by professor Christopher Emdina to make drab course material more relatable by using hip-hop as a vessel.

"Blacks and Latinos make up a very small percentage of scientists in the world," says GZA. "Hip-hop is the voice of the youth. I haven't met any kid who doesn't like hip-hop. But I have met many that don't like science."

(Via Slate)