1. Emma Watson to star in "female Game of Thrones"
It's been less than two years since the eighth and final Harry Potter film was released, but star Emma Watson is already ready to return to the world of fantasy. Variety reported that Watson will star in an upcoming film adaptation ofThe Queen of the Tearling, an as-yet unpublished book series described as "a female Game of Thrones," because that's a thing that's popular right now — and the movie couldn't come at a better time, because there are absolutely no strong female characters in Game of Thrones. [Variety]

2. Kate Middleton bought some blue stuff for her baby's nursery
For anyone who simply can't wait a month to learn the gender of the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William's baby through the normal (and far more reliable) method, feel free to read way too much into Kate Middleton's recent trip to a fabric and wallpaper store. According to reports from an eyewitness, Middleton spent 45 minutes choosing blue prints for the royal baby's nursery, so clearly she's having a boy. That, or she doesn't blindly subscribe to traditional gender stereotypes — but what fun would that be? [E! Online]

3. Charlie Sheen is mad at Farrah Abraham for leaking his texts
On Thursday, Charlie Sheen and professional sex-tape maker Farrah Abraham had a private, flirty text exchange that mysteriously surfaced on TMZ almost immediately — and Sheen, who clearly blames Abraham, was less than pleased. "I truly do not recall giving you permission to globally reveal any communication between us," said Sheen in a letter to Abraham. "Congrats on surviving your lobotomy and an even bigger congratz on your recent attempt at porn. Your daughter must be so proud," he added, though since this is Sheen it remains unclear whether he was being sarcastic. [Daily News]

4. You can buy a $50 "mega ticket" for World War Z
If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that going to the movies is just too cheap these days. But fortunately, Paramount and Regal Entertainment have teamed up to change that by releasing a $50 mega ticket for the upcoming blockbuster World War Z. The package, which is available in five cities nationwide, includes a ticket to see the movie two days before its official release, a pair of custom 3D glasses, a small popcorn, a movie poster, and a downloadable copy of the film when it's released on DVD — but not, alas, anything that will actually be helpful when the real zombie apocalypse happens. [Entertainment Weekly]

5. Taylor Swift offers unbearably pretentious description of her new perfume
Taylor Swift has released her third perfume — and this time, she's getting real. According to Swift, her last two fragrances — "Wonderstruck" and "Wonderstruck Enchanted" — were a "day-dreamy, romantic kind of departure, in a kind of dream land." By contrast, the pop star explained that her new "Taylor" is "a progression between fantasy and reality." "It would take place in my day-to-day life, if that makes sense," added Swift. It doesn't, really, but it's Friday, so we'll give her a pass. [People]