1. Will Smith and his son rap the Fresh Prince theme song
To borrow the words of TheWeek.com's Scott Meslow, this weekend's big summer blockbuster, After Earth, is essentially "a big-budget Smith family vanity project."

That said, the film may have inadvertently spawned the most incredible 6 minutes and 22 seconds to hit the internet all year. While promoting the film on BBC One a few days ago, Will and Jaden Smith jumped into a surprise rendition of the Fresh Prince theme with DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Then, just before you think "This can't get any better," they bring out Alfonso Ribeiro, a.k.a. Mr. Carlton Banks himself. Watch it if you're into amazing things. (Via eOnline)

2. TV shows with different theme songs
What would happen if you paired the cryptic Mad Men intro with the theme from The Office? Or Friends with the ominous battle hymn from Game of Thrones? Wonder no more. (Via Laughing Squid)

3. Tumblr of the Week: Local People With Their Arms Crossed
New-old trend alert: Subjects crossing their arms whenever their mugs appear on the front page of local newspapers. Expect a New York Times trend piece about the phenomenon in a year or two.

4. Tumblr of the Week runner-up: Phones Replaced With Sandwiches
The pixel density of that first hoagie is kind of "meh."

5. "Ice Fail"
"Snow Fall" was cool — a well-designed article with stuff that moved around when you scrolled. Then the internet, doing what it does best, sought fit to ruin it with a bunch of hard-to-read and totally unnecessary imitators. The backlash crystallized this week in the form of "Ice Fail," which its creators say is best viewed in "Netscape Navigator 3.0."

The lesson here is clear: Let us never Snow Fall anything again.

6. Woman wins a million dollars on Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune is usually 90 percent dumb luck, but 30-year-old Autumn Ernhard was able to solve this impossible final puzzle with only four consonants on the board. Try to guess it before she does. (Via Deadspin)

7. A great bear
Bears are terrifying. These are big and strong animals with claws. They won't hesitate to eat you. But this one is awesome because it's somehow not devouring the human jumping over it. Also: He/she can hula hoop better than most people. (Via The Awl)

8. Dog of the Week
Everybody salute Brutus McCracker III, this week's winner. I wish I had a joke, but let's be real: This is just a great-looking dog. (Thanks, Jody!)

Do you have a cat, dog, or other cuddly animal you want to see featured? Send your best photo to Gayomali@TheWeek.com for a shot at fame.