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Last week's contest: Sandwich sales in the U.S. are rising, and last year 49 percent of all sandwiches were purchased from a store rather than being made at home. We asked you what the next task that overworked Americans will outsource will be.


THE WINNER: Going to the store to get a sandwich
Andras Ratonyi, Cambridge, Mass.

SECOND PLACE: Cheating on your spouse for you (because you really do have to work late)
Alan Parven, Commerce Township, Mich.

Mark Weaver, Redondo Beach, Calif.


Window shopping
Paul Johnsen, Hartford, Wis.

Social networking
Nick Vaci, Columbus, Ohio

Dinner with the wife
Bill O'Meara, Bedford, N.H.

Going to work
Steven Zak, McAllen, Texas

Going to church
Janine Witte, New Hope, Pa.

Holidays at the in-laws
Lydia Sannella, Mill Valley, Calif.

Calling Grandma
Brett Howard, Washington, D.C.

Attending children's extracurricular activities
Sydney House, Salem, Ore.

Receiving calls from telemarketers
Charles & Mary Parry, Catonsville, Md.

Pre-cutting your entrée and vegetables
Theresa McFadden, Highland Heights, Ohio

Taking a shower
Nestor Rodriguez, Studio City, Calif.

Everyone will get false teeth so that someone else can brush them
Theresa H Bethel, Gulf Shores, Ala.

Writing weekly non-winning entry to The Week's contest
David C. Neal, Fanwood, N.J.