The trailer: The final trailer for next month's upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel has arrived, and in it, Superman takes a backseat to the film's big, bad villain. "My name is General Zod. I have journeyed across an ocean of stars to reach you," says the superpowered Zod, played by Michael Shannon. "Your world has sheltered one of my citizens. He will look like you, but he is not one of you. For those of you who know his location, the fate of your planet rests in your hands." This trailer offers our closest look yet at Man of Steel's villains as they weak havoc across the Earth in their search for Superman. And despite his best efforts, our hero may not be enough to stop them: "For every human you save, we will kill a million more," promises Zod's ally Faora (Antje Traue). Will this final glimpse of the zealously anticipated movie make audiences kneel before Man of Steel?

The reaction: This unsettling trailer "definitely injects the creep factor into the epic superhero tale," says Bruna Nessif at E! Online. And what a villain Zod is turning out to be, says Oliver Lyttelton at Indiewire. His widely broadcast threats come "out of the same playbook used by Bane and the Joker" in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy — a hopeful sign that Man of Steel director Zack Snyder is learning a lot from Nolan, himself a producer on the new Superman movie. But Man of Steel isn't all grim, says Ben Child at The Guardian. This new trailer also offers "the sense of spectacle that somehow went missing" from 2006's Superman Returns. Will Man of Steel convince audiences that Superman deserves another chance at big-screen glory? We'll find out when the film hits theaters on June 14.