1. The most beautiful man in the world
"Ahmed Angel must've been sent down from heaven to model for us, and he is 100 percent perfect," writes Buzzfeed. Hot fire.

2. Bandz-a-make Stephanie Tanner dance
If you knew an obscure Full House clip could sync up perfectly with one of last year's best rap tracks, shame on you. How rude, indeed. (Via Vine)

3. Recurring developments
This interactive single-serving site does a neat job of tallying all of Arrested Development's inside jokes and what episodes they appeared in. It's the perfect refresher course before the series comes back.

4. The best thing on The Onion this week: "7 unbelievable autocorrect WINS"
A new instant classic.

5. Daft Nostalgia
Remember in 2001 how GAP had the weird/brilliant idea of making Daft Punk and Juliette Lewis dance together in a commercial? No? Well, much like flared denim, such a thing really happened. (Via Tumblr)

6. A great dog GIF
I can't stop staring at this mesmerizing bipedal pooch. (Via Imgur)

7. Tumblr of the Week: OMG Kale salad
Ah, kale. The New York Times' favorite hipster trope after skinny jeans and flannel. This Tumblr, which sets out to poke fun at The Times, also happens to make kale look pretty delicious.

8. The "Hot Cheetos and Takis" kids are back!
Only now they're rapping about bikes. And yes, they're still amazing. (Via Slate)

9. Cat of the Week
A big warm welcome to Chauncey, this week's winner. He's on a road trip from California to Colorado and feels a little smushed.

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