1. Behold: The Google Maps half-cat
This supposed cat was spotted by one of Google's streeview cameras, which digitally spliced the poor guy in half as it zipped by. At least we hope that was the case. (Via Gawker)

2. Great question
Is being gay a choice? A friendly interviewer flips the question on its head, and the result is, well, this great thing. You can practically see the gears turning in their heads:

3. Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal
Professional handsome man Ryan Gosling is as close to perfect as it gets, even in meme form. (Via Gosloving)

4. Tumblr of the week: The Worst Room
Ah, New York. Concrete jungle where dreams are made or something. That dream can be yours, too, at least if you can (A) afford the egregious rent, or (B) don't mind less-than-luxurious living conditions, as this Craigslist-scraping Tumblr demonstrates. 

5. Advanced treadmilling
This is how I work out at the gym every day, FYI. (Via Imgur)

6. Happy Mother's Day!
Mike Song is a nice guy and a great dancer. His mom? Well, let's just say she's way cooler than 98 percent of the mamas out there. Ellen loves her, so it has to be true. Disclosure: I went to college with Mike and worked with him for two summers. Hey, man! (Via Angry Asian Man)

7. Let's go!
Holy cow. This bike-centric theme park in Japan is seriously cool — and prohibitively terrifying? — at the same dang time. Something tells me you have to sign a waiver first, though. (Via The Escapist)

8. #Millennials, etc.
ICYMI: My colleague Keith Wagstaff put together the 5 best responses to TIME's millennial-trolling cover story this week. Our article's in listicle form, which, as he explains, is "the millennial's preferred way of consuming information."

9. Cat of the Week
Everyone twerk for Spiky, this week's winner. She — yes, she — doesn't seem too thrilled with her Easter costume. (Thanks, Kitty!)

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