"We've been getting teases and news and teases and news about Season 4 of Arrested Development for what feels like forever now," says Jill O'Rourke at Crushable. Netflix, which is releasing all 15 episodes of the revived cult hit on May 26, just dropped the biggest teaser of all: A look at the dysfunctional Bluth family in action.

In the video (watch above), Bluth matriarch Lucille uses her son Buster to get around her building's strict no-smoking policy. This is "the first new clip from the show in seven years" to reach the public, says Eric Goldman at IGN, but the media actually saw this video in January, when show creator Mitch Hurwitz "noted it actually won't even be included in one of the episodes — it's an outtake."

A select group of critics and stars got to view some of the episodes in full on Monday night, when the cast reunited in Los Angeles for the AD premiere. But other than a slow leak of guest stars — Kristin Wiig as the young Lucille, John Krasinski, Seth Rogen, Conan O'Brien, John Slattery, and veteran guests from the first season, like Ben Stiller, Liza Minnelli, Scott Baio, and Henry Winkler — the cast and creator are being very tight-lipped about Season 4.

But Tony Hale, the actor who plays, Buster, did explain what it was like to film the clip above. "No man should ever be asked to do that, take smoke and blow it out," he told The Huffington Post. "That was rough."