1. Allison Brie imitates Grumpy Cat
This week, Community star Alison Brie did Internet nerds a huge service by using her malleable face to imitate popular memes like Overly Attached Girlfriend and, pictured below, Grumpy Cat, who gave Ms. Brie's impersonation a grudging 2 out of 10. (Via E Online)

2. A cat playing with a vacuum
I guess that's one way to clean a kitty? (Via Gawker)

3. How to toss a baby
Normally we'd advise against throwing your children in the air for sport, but in this case we'll make an exception. (Via Twitter)

4. The history of blogging: Visualized!
If you haven't already taken a look through the online version of Wired's 20th anniversary special issue, please do. It's fantastic. One of the stories near and dear to our hearts: An infographic history of the blog. "At the close of 1998, there were 23 known weblogs on the Internet," writes Wired's Mat Honan. "A year later there were tens of thousands. What changed? Pyra Labs launched Blogger, the online tool that gave push-button publishing to the people. It was a revolutionary web product made by a revolutionary web of people who went on to build much of the modern net." Check it out.

5. Patton Oswalt's epic Star Wars-themed filibuster
Stopping by NBC's Parks and Recreation recently, comedian and talented Facebook scribe Patton Oswalt delivered an epic town hall filibuster that was still 13 hours shorter than Rand Paul's. (Via the Los Angeles Times)

6. The Onion dabbles in nonfiction
This week, huh?

7. A puppy in a bowl
I can't. (Via Imgur

8. Here is Fox News' Megyn Kelly reading the lyrics to "Forgot About Dre" 
"Just a bunch of gibberish." (Via Twitter)

9. Cat of the Week
Everyone say "Hey, dude" to Otto from Brooklyn. He has an affinity for sunshine and easy-to-assemble Swedish furniture. (Thanks, Brett!)

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