The trailer: "Have I got your attention now?" asks a coldly villainous Benedict Cumberbatch in the middle of the fourth (and presumably final) trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness. It seems safe to answer that Cumberbatch and his film, which hits theaters on May 17, have had our attention for months. But even if the idea of yet another Star Trek Into Darkness trailer makes you roll your eyes, don't set your browsers to "back" just yet. This is easily the best, most action-packed, and most revealing trailer released for the film to date. It sets up a clear conflict between Cumberbatch's character — a former Starfleet agent who seems to have a personal score to settle — and Captain Kirk, who vows to take Cumberbatch down. Should you boldly go to your local cinema to buy a ticket for Star Trek Into Darkness? Judge for yourself below:

The reaction: Each trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness has offered a little more insight into the movie's story — and this one "is right at that point of showing too much, but never does," says Alex Billington at First Showing. The previous Star Trek Into Darkness trailers have focused on "lots of destruction and mayhem," says Charlie Jane Anders at io9, but this one gives us something different: "A Kirk who's on a tear, and a villain who's genuinely affronted by Kirk's actions." For movie fans, this trailer is already "the best thing of the day," says Malene Arpe at the Toronto Star. If watching it "doesn't make you all tingly, you should have a doctor check your tingle reflexes."