1. YouTube does the Harlem Shake
The video service decided to have a little fun with the dance meme that refuses to die. To activate this fun little easter egg, just type  "do the Harlem Shake" in the search bar. (Via Hypervocal)

 photo youtube1_zpsb30999df.gif

 photo youtube2_zpsbcadd7ea.gif

2. If Mona Lisa was on Instagram 
Selfies are the worst, aren't they? (Via Tumblr)


3. Rick Perry plays Guitar Hero
Sometime in 2010, former GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry reportedly stopped over at his neighbor's house to play some Guitar Hero. Behold: The best Rick Perry picture ever. (Via BuzzFeed)


4. A fake Thought Catalog post from an animal's point of view that is very good
"How to Maintain the Illusion That You are a Hot, Confused Twentysomething, When in Actuality You Are a Gigantic, Bloodthirsty Grizzly Bear" is an essay — at least I think it's an essay? — that is so demented and weird it should be required reading. (Via Tumblr)

5. A real Thought Catalog post from an animal's point of view that is also very good
The Millennial™-baiting angst site published a real thing titled "When I am a Dog I am Barking" that's similarly demented and weird... and actually quite good. (Via Thought Catalog)

6. Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man
What if Spider-Man's powers were more in line with, well, real spiders? Sample line: "When he mates with a female, his d--k falls off." (Via Devour)

7. The mystery behind Chipotle's secret 1,500-calorie super burrito
Chances are you've never heard of the "quesarito." That's okay. Fast Company's Mark Wilson takes you along in his quest to conquer Chipotle's secret menu — which, considering the story's success, probably isn't all that secret anymore. (Fast Co. Design)

8. Mitt Romney likes Honey Nut Cheerios
Say what you will about the former GOP candidate, but he has great taste in cereal. (Via Twitter)


9. Cat of the Week
Everyone raise your glasses for Simon, this week's winner. "He is a gentleman and a scholar," claims his mother, Casey. "His hobbies include classic literature and catnip." (Thanks, Casey!)

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