1. Score one for Bing?
Wired's Danger Room blog thinks it uncovered the United States' alleged drone base hidden in the Saudi Arabian desert. How did Wired find it? Surprisingly, using Bing Maps — the satellite images were nowhere to be found on Google. "The images show a trio of 'clamshell'-style hangars, surrounded by fencing. Each is more than 150 feet long and approximately 75 feet wide; that's sufficient to hold U.S. Predator and Reaper drones," writes Wired's Noah Shachtman. See for yourself.

2. Tumblr of the Week: WTF, Evolution?
This delightful Tumblr showcases some of the stranger creatures put on God's green — HOLY COW WHAT IS THAT THING?

3. Breaking Bad Kitty
Is that you, Mr. White? (Via E Online)

(Instagram/George the cat)

4. Liar liar, pants on fire
Well this is adorable. This little guy tells his mom he didn't eat any of the sprinkles when there are clearly sprinkles all over his face! Ha ha. Hide the evidence better next time, kid. Or better yet, stop lying. (Via ClipNation)

5. Unflattering photos of Beyoncé 
The internet loves Beyoncé. That's what the "B" in Buzzfeed stands for. (What, you didn't know?) That's also why it was a bit strange when Queen B's publicist emailed the website's editors asking them to remove a few of the star's more "unflattering" images taken during her Super Bowl halftime show. Instead of complying, Buzzfeed decided to get weird with it. (Via Buzzfeed)

6. This is what Winter Storm Nemo looks like…
...from outer space. (Via NASA)

7. Another great Tumblr: OK Cupid e-books
This is what happens when you respond to persistent suitors on dating site OK Cupid using only quotes from the semi-automated Twitter account @Horse_ebooks. (Via Tumblr)

8. Cat of the Week
Say what's up to Cyrus from Washington D.C. Apparently, he and I share an affinity for The Fast and the Furious. (Thanks, Heather!)

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