1. The best monkey this week
Iran's frightened little space monkey might very well turn out to be a well-orchestrated hoax. But this little fella hopping around in the snow was 1,000 times better anyway. (Via YouTube

2. Tweets made around the world in real-time
You know that scene at the end of The Dark Knight where Batman calls on Morgan Freeman to use that gigantic, triangulating supercomputer to find The Joker? That's kind of what this futuristic Twitter tracker looks like. (Via Tweetping)


3. Tumblr of the Week: Menswear Dog
Why read GQ when this shiba inu does it better? 


4. Henry Blodget flies economy
Say what you will about Business Insider — but only Henry Blodget could magically spin a boring story about a transatlantic flight into a post with 800,000+ pageviews that causes that internet to eat its own tail. "It's really cool to trash airline food, but this just wasn't that bad," writes a reflective Blodget. "That was a very pleasant surprise. Most flights don't have food anymore." Ugh, brilliant? (Via Business Insider)  

5. Emoji as art
Emojis are fine stand-ins when you can't find the right words to express yourself. They're also great for wasting time. (Via Tumblr)


6. Tyra Banks discovers Vine
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

7. PornHub's surprisingly sentimental Super Bowl ad (SFW)
CBS rejected it, of course. But it's still strangely touching, isn't it? Pun kinda-sorta intended. (Via Death and Taxes)

8. Dog rides bike (Via Tumblr)


9. Cat of the Week
The winner of this week's award comes courtesy of reader Becca Flitter. Meet Sapphire, who looks to be having a little trouble with our crossword puzzle.

(Becca Flitter)

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