Car and Driver
“The Encore is unlike any other product Buick has sold in its 110-year history.” Brand devotees will find the “cushy ride” and “quiet cabin” familiar, but this time those trademark strengths come in a tiny package that’s powered by a wisp of a 1.4-liter engine. Though the resulting 138 hp is “barely enough to break the speed limit,” this pint-size Buick offers luxury detailing, “whippet-quick” cornering response, and a versatile interior, all at a friendly price.

Given the Encore’s size, fuel economy is “merely adequate.” Even though it’s 10 inches shorter than the Ford Escape, this cute ute delivers only 33 mpg on the highway. But Buick seems to have young couples in its sights, and those customers will love that the Encore doesn’t feel cramped inside, can handle plenty of cargo, and offers “a premium feel” for weekend drives to the lake. 

Empty nesters will like the Encore too, but give Buick credit for creating a vehicle that “breaks free of old brand perceptions” and deserves every young buyer it captures. With its leather-trimmed steering wheel, its smooth ride, and a Bose noise-cancellation system that “drastically” mutes engine drone, this is a CUV that “doesn’t just get you places”; it “soothes along the way.”