1. Lady Gaga is running out of shocking wardrobe ideas
Having exhausted her creativity with meat dresses and Kermit the Frog jackets, Lady Gaga has apparently resorted to cribbing her fashion statements from Silence of the Lambs. As she walked the streets of New York, the "Born This Way" singer was spotted wearing a cage around her face, reports Us Weekly — perhaps because a blinking sign that read "PAY ATTENTION TO ME" would have been too understated.

2. Alicia Keys hit with lawsuit over two seconds of "Girl on Fire"
You'd think the person most likely to sue Alicia Keys over her new single "Girl on Fire" would be The Hunger Games' Katniss Everdeen. But the singer is actually being targeted by songwriter Earl Shuman, who claims that "Girl on Fire" samples two seconds of his 1969 song "Hey There Lonely Girl." According to Idolator, the offending lyric comes during the bridge, when Keys sings "She's a lonely girl, and it's a lonely world," which Shuman claims is inspired by his song, proving that he's never heard Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" or any of the half-dozen other songs that lazily rhyme "girl" with "world."

3. William and Kate begin royal Christmas celebrations
Christmas may still be a week away, but Prince William and Duchess Kate are already partying. The pair kicked off their yuletide celebration by taking their household staff to dine at a restaurant called Bumpkin in the Notting Hill neighborhood — a.k.a. the most British-sounding location ever. Fittingly, the private meal was held in Bumpkin's "Queen's Room," which People helpfully explains features "a large portrait of Queen Elizabeth."

4. Tiffani Thiessen, Kate Walsh threaten to drop Instagram over new privacy policy
Celebrities — they hate invasions of privacy just like us! When photo-sharing service Instagram modified its terms of use to include a clause that gives the company the right to sell its users' photos without due compensation, its many users protested — and some famous names, including Tiffani Thiessen and Kate Walsh, joined the fray, reports TMZ. "Really sad to have to end my luv 4 @instagram," tweeted Thiessen, demonstrating that even if she has to give up the service, she can still use annoying text-speak.

5. Pauly D in talks for show with E!
Consider yourselves warned, America: Jersey Shore alumnus Pauly D is in talks to leave MTV, the network where he earned his quasi-fame, for the sunnier — and reportedly more profitable — shores of E!. TMZ reports that Pauly D's proposed new E! reality show would "focus more on Pauly's entire life, rather than just his DJ career." Expect 100 percent more sit-ups and extended slo-mo shots of Pauly applying pomade.