On Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden, some of the biggest musicians in the world teamed up for the 12-12-12 Concert, put together to raise money for victims of Hurricane Sandy. The star-studded affair, which lasted almost six hours and included performances by a range of stars from the Rolling Stones to Kanye West to Alicia Keys, raised a reported $50 million for the Robin Hood foundation (and donations can still be made at the concert's website.) What were the most memorable moments? A guide: 

1. Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi team up for "Born to Run"
The Boss kicked off the show with a spirited performance of "Land of Hope and Dreams," but the crowd really roared when he was joined on stage by another of New Jersey's favorite sons: Jon Bon Jovi. The duo performed "Born to Run," with Springsteen returning the favor during Bon Jovi's set on a rendition of "Who Says You Can't Go Home."

2. Eddie Vedder sings "Comfortably Numb" with Roger Waters
Another high-profile duet: Pink Floyd's Roger Waters and Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, collaborated on a performance of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb."

3. Adam Sandler performs "Sandy Screw Ya"
Comedian Adam Sandler offered the most pointed commentary of the evening as he played "Sandy Screw Ya," a raunchily derivative cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah." "Sandy screw ya! We'll freaking' kung fu ya! Cause we're New Yorkers!" crooned Sandler.

4. The Who's Roger Daltrey drops an F-bomb
He may be almost 70, but The Who's Roger Daltrey seemed eager to prove he was as rock 'n roll as ever, unbuttoning his shirt as he belted out some of the band's biggest hits. But Daltrey may have taken things a little too far when he slipped an expletive into the band's set. "Who the fuck are you?" screamed Daltrey in the middle of the band's hit "Who Are You."

5. Kanye West performs a medley in a leather skirt
Kanye West offered a mashup of nearly a dozen of his biggest hits, but the buzz wasn't about his rapping, it was about the leather skirt he opted to wear for the occasion. Could the kilt be making a comeback?

6. Michael Stipe and Chris Martin sing "Losing My Religion"
Yet another musical crossover, as REM's Michael Stipe and Coldplay's Chris Martin performed REM's "Losing My Religion." 

7. Paul McCartney leads Nirvana in "Cut Me Some Slack"
The most buzzed-about moment of the evening came when Paul McCartney stepped in for the late Kurt Cobain and a reunited Nirvana to perform a new song called "Cut Me Some Slack." No word yet on whether the reconfigured band will host a tour.