1. The Romney-Obama handshake
Mitt Romney had lunch with President Obama on Thursday, and afterwards, Team Obama released a photograph of the two former rivals on the White House's official Flickr page. As if stiff handshake weren't awkward enough — just look at their body language! — the internet responded with this election-meme-packed mashup. (Via Twitter)

2. R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" saga continues
R&B legend Robert Sylvester Kelly released the third chapter of his loony mini-drama over Thanksgiving weekend, and continued to release new episodes this week. It's like Kafka meets "Bump N' Grind" with zanier neighbors. (Via MTV)

3. Megyn Kelly unloads
The Fox News anchor's finger guns get immortalized in GIF form. Bang bang. (Via Twitter)

4. The most literal tweets ever
How do you get wild birds to peck at a keyboard? Rig said keyboard with bread. Why would you want birds to peck at a keyboard? To get them to tweet. Follow the Birds on Twitter "art" project here. (Via This Is Colossal

5. Is this the best 007 GIF ever?
Skyfall might be the best Bond film ever, but which James Bond did the iconic turn-and-shoot pirouette the best? My vote's for Connery on the far right. (Or rather, according to TheWeek.com's entertainment editor and resident Bond expert Scott Meslow, Mr. Connery's stunt man.) Thanks, Gizmodo.

6. Woman chases burglar with wood sword and bear spray
Sonya Yu was tired of having her packages stolen by a local thief, so she rigged a trap that sprays would-be burglars with bear spray and waited nearby with a wood sword. Naturally, she tweeted the whole experience, because if vengeance doesn't happen on Twitter, it might as well have never happened. (Via Gawker)

7. Cat of the week
Have you seen a better cat this week? Probably not. If you have, please let us know in the comments section below. (Via Imgur)


8. Drinking in Los Angeles vs. drinking in New York

(Via Mandatory