After a highly acclaimed first season, HBO's Girls is set to return for its second season on Jan. 13 — and based on the trailer released by HBO today, the series will be more painfully uncomfortable to watch than ever. (That's a good thing). Girls chronicles the personal and professional travails of Hannah, a struggling, self-centered young Brooklynite played by show creator Lena Dunham, and her three closest friends. The second season picks up after last season's finale, in which Hannah and her frighteningly eccentric boyfriend (Adam Driver) broke up. "This opens up space in my life for the kind, sexy, responsible boyfriend I've always wanted but never had," Hannah says in the new trailer. Well, not so fast. "Adam is still crazy about me," Hannah soon laments, "and I know that I always said he was murder-y in a sexy way. But what if he's murder-y in a murder way?" Of course, this new teaser has critics salivating.

"Everyone get fired up for round two of millenials' internal cultural war over entitlement, nepotism, sexism, and all the other havoc Girls managed to wreak," says Alex Moore at Death & Taxes Mag. And if you're a Girls hater, beware: Lena Dunham "enters this round having just signed a book deal worth over $3.5 million," and with a third season of Girls allegedly already greenlit, "you should be super mad this time." In the end, this trailer offers "a mix of expected developments and surprises," says Forrest Wickman at Slate, though it does bring back "all the ladies" from the first season. Yes, it's nice to see the old gang — but the real treat here is the (very) brief glimpses of new faces set to be introduced in Girls' second season, says Kevin Fitzpatrick at ScreenCrush, including Donald Glover, Patrick Wilson, and Rita Wilson.