The creative team behind the new 007 blockbuster Skyfall can officially pour themselves a round of celebratory martinis. The 23rd installment in the Bond franchise is a massive hit, adored by critics and moviegoers alike, and smashing records to earn the franchise's highest-grossing weekend ever in the United States. (Watch a trailer for Skyfall below.) How exactly does Skyfall's performance stack up to James Bond's 22 other big-screen adventures? A numerical breakdown:

$87.8 million
Skyfall's opening-weekend gross in the United States

$67.5 million
Opening-weekend gross for 2008's Quantum of Solace

$596 million
Worldwide gross for 2006's Casino Royale — Daniel Craig's first Bond film, and the highest-grossing 007 film to date

$592 million
Worldwide gross for Quantum of Solace

$518.6 million
Amount Skyfall has earned at the global box office — already making it the third most successful Bond film globally

$900 million+
Amount Skyfall is expected to earn at the global box office. The new 007 film is all but assured of becoming the highest-grossing Bond movie ever

$432 million
Amount that Die Another Day earned at the global box office — the highest total for a Pierce Brosnan-led 007 film

$210 million
Amount that 1979's Moonraker earned at the global box office — the highest total for a Roger Moore-led 007 film

Percentage of Skyfall's U.S. audience that was male

Percentage of Skyfall's U.S. audience that was 25 years or older 

Years since Dr. No, the first James Bond film, was released

Years since the release of Ian Fleming's first James Bond novel, Casino Royale

Planned release year for the next Daniel Craig-starring 007 film

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