1. Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton call it quits
After 10 months of dating, actor Leo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton have split up. A source close to the former couple told Us Weekly that the two were "just really busy." Indeed, the odds aren't good for an actor with three blockbuster movies on the way and a model who's traveling the world with Victoria's Secret. "There's no bad blood," added the source, missing the rare chance to make a Blood Diamond pun.

2. TLC might tour with Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes hologram
With the surviving members of 90s hitmakers TLC planning a new album and reunion tour, Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas has come up with a not-so-novel way to represent deceased bandmember Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes on the tour: Replacing her with a hologram. "The hologram is something we talked about and thought about years ago," says Thomas — an apparent psychic, since the "musician hologram" technology was first used to resurrect Tupac Shakur less than a year ago — in an interview at People Magazine.

3. Snooki wants to have three more babies
Jersey Shore alumna Snooki had her first child just two months ago, but if she gets it her way — and reality-show fans know she usually does — at least three more Shore-lings are in her future. The delivery of son Enzo "was not that bad," said Snooki, adding that she "could do it again." "Baby Enzo might turn out to be a mini Snooki," warns MTV News, hinting at the dark possibility of a future spin-off called Jersey Shore Babies.

4. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are having a baby
In other celebrity baby news: House of Lives star Kristen Bell and Parenthood star Dax Shepard are expecting their first child. "They're both ecstatic. They can't wait to become parents," a source tells People Magazine. The upcoming baby marks the couple's first collaboration since this summer's film Hit and Run, and has already attracted more press interest. 

5. Brad Pitt makes furniture now
Just how bad has the economy become? Brad Pitt has announced that he'll be supplementing his income as an A-list actor with a second job designing furniture. According to Buzzfeed, Pitt discovered he loved architecture in college "while looking for a lazy two-point credit to get out of French," which inspired a lifelong interest in furniture-making. Now we know the answer to the question, "How can Brad Pitt be even hunkier?"