It's hard to imagine an odder couple than famously outspoken liberal actor John Cusack and fire-breathing right-wing radio pundit Rush Limbaugh. And yet, Cusack is reportedly planning to produce and star in Rush, a film based on Limbaugh's life. Does the left-wing actor have the chops to pull off one of the biggest icons of the conservative movement?

This is so crazy it just might work: Cusack and Limbaugh may sound like oil and water, but "the project as a whole sounds utterly fascinating," says Joe Harris at Get The Big Picture. Provided that Cusack hasn't "lost his mind," he's likely planning a film rife "with subtle sarcasm." Either way, Rush should make for mesmerizing viewing. W. was a reminder that "living political figures can still create compelling films." If Rush follows that strategy, it could be a hit.
"Say anything else, John Cusack developing Rush Limbaugh biopic"

This is a fiasco in the making: "It would be hard to imagine two people who look less alike that John Cusack and Rush Limbaugh," says Scott Harris at NextMovie, and "even harder to imagine two people who think less alike than Cusack and Limbaugh." Cusack may be a good actor, but the avowed liberal is still an "odd choice" to play one of the most enduring voices of right-wing America. Limbaugh's fans will surely be up in arms — especially given the very real possibility that, as both producer and star, "some of Cusack's politics will rub off on the finished product."
"John Cusack is… Rush Limbaugh?"

Cusack is miscast — but a promising alternative exists: "There's an actor out there who just fits the part way better: John Goodman," says Nicholas Phillips at the Riverfront Times. Goodman "is on a hot streak," with widely-respected turns in films like Flight, Argo, and last year's Best Picture-winning The Artist. "Can't you just hear Goodman doing a spot-on imitation of Rush's bloviating style?" For the good of Rush — and the good of the country — Cusack should step aside and let Goodman take the role he was born to play.
"John Cusack should NOT play Rush Limbaugh in upcoming biopic"