Price is the best reason to embrace the wines of Italy’s Puglia region, said Eric Asimov in The New York Times. Puglia’s reds aren’t as interesting as their counterparts from other Italian regions, but it’s “a great thing” to find “a pleasant wine that speaks of its land for $15 or so.” The best Apulian wines easily meet that standard. 

2011 Perrini Salento Rosso I.G.T. ($15). This “light and inviting” blend delivers “the signature spicy bitterness” we’ve come to prize in all good negroamaro-based wines.

2011 Palama ‘Metiusco’ Salento Rosso I.G.T. ($14). The “inky purple color” and “exuberant” fruit flavors make Metiusco “an archetypal trattoria wine.” 

2010 Leone de Castris ‘Elo Veni’ Salento Negroamaro I.G.T. ($16). The only pure negroamaro here, Elo Veni is “honest and direct,” with “flavors of dark red fruit.”