The video: "These were the first American blue jeans. The jeans that built America. And they were built in America." So says the narrator in a dramatic new advertisement for jeans produced by Glenn Beck's company 1791, named for the year when the Bill of Rights was ratified. (Watch the video, which is heavy on imagery of manly men hammering and welding metal, below.) The former Fox News enfant terrible was inspired to produce his own jeans when he discovered that other companies, like the American icon Levi's, were having their jeans made overseas. In a press release accompanying the video, Beck asks, "How could something so inherent to the spirit and the history of this country NOT be made in the USA anymore?" The 1791 jeans, which will retail for a cool $129.99, were made in North Carolina and Kentucky.

The response: Thank goodness Beck has recognized "the great American fashion crisis hiding in plain sight and is here to save the day," says Uproxx. Clearly, Beck wants to be the "new (more patriotic and manly) Calvin Klein." Regardless, this takes Beck's beef with Levi's, which he has previously tried to boycott, to a whole new level, says The Huffington Post. "His furor over the brand was sparked by an ad campaign, which he said promoted progressivism and glorified 'revolution.'" But while his jeans "boast a traditional manly style," and are mercifully free of "acid wash adornments," the $129.99 price tag may put them out of reach for the average American household, says Tara Dodrill at The Inquisitr