While promoting her first non-magical novel, J.K. Rowling mentions that she's considering re-issuing longer, uncut versions of some titles in the Harry Potter series. [Salon]

Trolling the Times
At least four Cornell students interviewed for a New York Times trend story on college drinking give the reporter fake names. [Business Insider]

Not losing your head
An Arizona woman miraculously survives an internal decapitation, in which her skull was fully separated from her spine during a car accident. [Discovery News]


Cat ladies
A woman is arrested for allegedly shooting her husband in the stomach after he threatened to shoot her cat. [Newser]

Contraband cheese
Canadian pizzerias are investigated amid reports that cheese is being smuggled across the border from the U.S. (where it's up to one-third cheaper). [Consumerist]

Faking it
A New Jersey woman is charged with theft by deception for collecting more than $10,000 from sympathetic family and friends after she deceitfully claimed she had stage 4 bladder cancer. [Gothamist]

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