A short jog
A new study finds that 30 minutes — and no longer — is the optimal amount of time you should exercise to lose weight. [Discovery News]

PSY's viral hit "Gangnam Style" becomes the most-liked video of all time on YouTube. [Gawker]

Heading west
According to a new report, four of America's five richest cities — San Jose, San Francisco, Seattle, and San Diego — are on the west coast. [Newser]


Bursting decades-old bubbles
A British newspaper reveals that the iconic 1930s photo Lunch Atop A Skyscraper was actually staged for a publicity stunt. [The Daily What]

An armed gunman takes a hostage in a Pittsburgh office, but negotiations are hindered by his frequent and emotional real-time Facebook postings. [The Daily Dot]

Pulling a Boehner
Mitt Romney's face looks significantly darker during his appearance on Spanish-language news channel Univision, prompting accusations that he used bronzer to appeal to Latinos. [New York]

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