Persistent pandas
After five false pregnancies, the National Zoo's female giant panda finally welcomes a new cub into the world. [Newser]

Outsmarting the paparazzi
The Amazing Spider-Man stars (and real-life couple) Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield "charity-bomb" the paparazzi by holding up signs promoting a charity's website as the paps snap the stars' photo. [The Frisky]

Your sweet tooth
Japanese scientists create artificial tooth enamel that could help prevent tooth decay without the need for vigilant brushing. [Consumerist]


Moving on
Samsung launches a new ad campaign claiming that its smartphones boast more impressive features than the iPhone — suggesting that the company is still bitter about having to pay Apple $1 billion for patent infringement. [Geekosystem]

Trusting without verifying
Fox & Friends gets trolled on the air by a a young man claiming to be a disillusioned former Obama supporter, who spends the interview making fun of host Gretchen Carlson instead of bashing Obama. [HyperVocal]

Adding insult to injury
After troubled former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes' well-publicized driving mishaps, Lindsay Lohan calls Bynes out via Twitter, demanding to know why she hasn't been put in the slammer. [The Daily What

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