Making it official
Apple finally tells the world what many tech bloggers hinted at for months: The iPhone 5 will be revealed on Sept. 12. [Buzzfeed]

Final requests
A futurist group raises $27,000 to help a terminally-ill cancer patient get cryogenically preserved after she dies. [Discovery News]

Bureaucratic butts
Federal government agencies spent at least $497,494 on trendy ergonomic office chairs between 2005 and 2011. [The Daily]


Vegetable elitists
Scientists at Stanford find that foods labeled as organic provide no added nutritional value or health advantages. [Slate]

The youth vote
A Twitter search reveals that many teenagers don't know "Obama's last name." [Buzzfeed

Salvaging what little credibility you have left
Writer Jonah Lehrer loses his blogger position at Wired after an investigation reveals that many of his posts contained plagiarism, false quotes and other inaccuracies. Lehrer was fired from The New Yorker recently over similar allegations. [New York

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