Aspiring quitters
A new study finds that running, walking, or cycling, even for a short period of time, can acutely ease cigarette cravings. [Discovery News]

Finding yourself
A tourist in Iceland spends the weekend searching for a missing woman... only to discover that she was the woman everyone was looking for.  [Gawker]

Subway heroes
A student is carried to safety by a few good Samaritans after she faints onto the subway tracks in New York City [New York]


After the smashing success of its Doritos Locos tacos, Taco Bell plans to make the fast-food snack available in more flavors, including Cool Ranch. [Consumerist]

Orthodontic attentiveness
A boy sues his orthodontist after his braces are unnecessarily left on for 11 years. [TIME]

Giving Flipper a break
Dolphins in Hawaii suffer sleep deprivation as tourists flood the islands demanding a dolphin show. [LiveScience]

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