Outlandish hip-hop artist Nicki Minaj has reportedly been picked to fill one of the vacant chairs at the American Idol judges' table, as the televised singing competition attempts to boost its sagging ratings. "I'm not sure the deal is completely done yet, but yes, she is definitely doing it," one insider tells Us Weekly. The other new judge, Mariah Carey, is a five-time Grammy winner and pop music legend who seems to fit the veteran mold of past judges Paula Abdul, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler. Minaj, on the other hand, is a 29-year-old known for her big hair and bigger personality, and doesn't exactly have decades of showbiz experience under her belt. Is she the right person for the job?

Minaj is a big mistake: "Nicki and Mariah together — it's too much," says Lindsay Mannering at The Stir. When Paula Abdul dutifully played second fiddle to the caustic Simon Cowell, we learned that "there's only room for one ginormous ego on the Idol judges' panel." With Mariah on board, adding Nicki to the mix will create a toxic tornado of "perfume, hairspray, and adrenaline" that will dizzy viewers with "too much makeup, too much attitude, too much glitter, too many distractions."
"Nicki Minaj is American Idol judge? Oh hell no"

But Minaj could help Idol hook a young audience: Idol has had plenty of judges who, like Carey, have "their glory days behind them," says Katey Rich at Cinema Blend. "Minaj is very much an up and comer," so she would unquestionably add something to the mix, just like another rumored addition, Nick Jonas. It's still unclear whether Minaj would really take time out from her rocketing new career to go on Idol, but if she does it might help Idol "reach out to young viewers."
"Nicki Minaj could be next American Idol judge"

One thing's certain — she won't be boring: Minaj would be a mixed bag, says Verne Gay at Newsday. "Colorful, fun, annoying, profane, obnoxious, silly, vain, interesting, angry, obscene, genuine, and quite possibly verbally assaultive." Fortunately for Idol, that all adds up to one thing — "interesting." More importantly, Minaj would mark a U-turn from the experiment with "nice" judges. "Minaj, in other words, could be the new Simon Cowell — albeit in a pink tutu."
"What would Nicki Minaj be like as American Idol judge?"