Party animals
A new study finds that college students who binge drink are generally happier with their social lives than those who drink less. No word on whether they're happier with their grades. [LiveScience]

Overdue progress
The controversially exclusive Augusta National Golf Club welcomes female members for the first time in its 80-year history. [BuzzFeed]

Aquatic charity
A 14-year-old girl becomes the youngest person ever to swim across Lake Ontario — and raises $90,000 in the process. [GlobalPost]


In the wake of her cheating scandal, Twilight star Kristen Stewart drops out of the remaining press events slated to promote the franchise's final film, Breaking Dawn Part II. Her ex-beau/co-star Robert Pattinson follows suit. [The Frisky]

Flying "economy"
Air France crew members ask passengers to pony up some extra cash for fuel during an emergency stop in Syria. [Consumerist]

Reckless auteurs
A Vancouver man is arrested after he allegedly steals a gun and films himself driving around a neighborhood shooting it. [Death & Taxes]

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