Feeling like a hobbit
The workshop that manufactured many props for the Lord of the Rings films releases a gold-plated tungsten carbide ring like the one in the film, priced at $99. [Death & Taxes]

Exposing Paul Ryan's abs
The first photo of Paul Ryan's much-discussed torso, albeit one taken before he "transformed" his body with the P90X workout, surfaces on the web. [New York]

A royal rescue
Prince William rescues a 16-year-old girl stranded off the Welsh coast while on a mission as a RAF search-and-rescue helicopter pilot. [Newser]


The Hunger Games series surpasses the Harry Potter series as the top seller on Amazon. [The New York Times]

The rest of Paul Ryan
The guitarist of Rage Against the Machine, one of Ryan's favorite bands, pens a brutal op-ed about him in Rolling Stone. [The Daily What

About 2.3 million toilets featuring the Flushmate III flushing system are recalled due to spontaneous explosions. [The Stir]

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