Letting go of the wheel
Google's driverless car has successfully traveled 300,000 miles in testing without any accidents. [Tecca]

Hillary's cool factor
Footage of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton busting a move while on a trip to South Africa goes viral. [Daily Dot]

Solving problems over beer
Two college students create a super PAC to raise money for a Congressional happy hour, theorizing that lawmakers might find more common ground if they were all tipsy. [Newser]


Petty crime
A Nevada man is arrested for fraud after he allegedly posed as rocker Tom Petty's manager and falsely promised to book Petty and his band for an exec's wedding. [The Daily]

Cats' cuddly image
A new study finds that house cats are killing more wildlife — and not just birds — than previously thought. [Discovery News]

Blowing even more money on lattes
Starbucks inks a deal with mobile payment company Square that will soon let its customers pay for their overpriced beverages via smartphone. [Business Insider]

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