Persistent tweeting
A cancer patient tweets at Aetna's CEO and eventually persuades the insurance bigwig to cover "every last penny" of the sick man's medical bills. [Consumerist]

Katniss Everdeen's influence
An NBC official says that archery is the hottest Olympic sport to air on its cable networks, and credits The Hunger Games phenomenon for the boost in viewership. [Gawker]

Armored robbery
A band of historically outfitted, armor-clad brigands allegedly steals roughly $25,000 from a renaissance faire in France. [The Daily What]


Modesty in the pool
NBC accidentally airs footage from an underwater camera that shows a U.S. water polo player's bare breast. [BuzzFeed]

Safe travels
Three US Airways commuter jets almost crash into each other in mid-air before landing safely in Washington, D.C. [Slate]

Temperate weather
The USDA declares half of all U.S. counties disaster areas in light of the worsening drought. [Newser]

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