Naked diversity
A Bollywood star becomes the first Indian woman to appear on the cover of Playboy. [Business Insider]

Stock-savvy tweeters
Twitter introduces cashtags, which are clickable stock symbols similar to hashtags that allow users to track tweets about stocks. [Newser]

The real Slim Shady
Rapper Eminem becomes the most liked person on Facebook, garnering more than 60 million fans. [Daily Dot]


A group of women allegedly stabs a man on the subway after he tells them to quiet down. [Gothamist]

Baby grands
The popularity of electronic keyboards reportedly leads an increasing number of people to throw away their pianos, dismantle them for scrap, or burn them as firewood. [The New York Times]

Smuggling sweets
Police arrest a man who was allegedly attempting to smuggle 45 Snickers bars filled with crystal meth into the U.S. [Consumerist]

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