Second thoughts
A divorced couple makes amends and re-marries after 50 years apart. [Death & Taxes]

Raising some dough
Philadelphia is set to open a pizza museum thanks to a successful crowd-funded Kickstarter campaign. [Tecca]

Ursine fertility
A panda gives birth to her sixth cub at the San Diego Zoo, setting a record for most pandas born to one mother outside of the endangered species' native China. [Los Angeles Times]


Riders on the new Superman Ultimate Flight roller coaster at Six Flags in northern California get stuck, anticlimactically, at the very top of the coaster for two hours. [Newser]

Mom & Pop stores
The world's longest-operating general store closes its doors in Adamsville, R.I., after 224 years in business. [Gawker]

The most trusted name in news
CNN apologizes after playing Pink's "Stupid Girls" right before airing a segment about Sarah Palin. [HyperVocal]  

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