The London Olympics are the world's biggest showcase for athletes at the pinnacle of physical fitness and health. But this summer, the Olympics will also play host to the world's biggest hocker of hamburgers and fries. McDonald's just announced the exact scope of its temporary restaurant at the London Olympics — and it's a "1,500-hundred seat monstrosity," says The Daily Beast. Here's how the record-setting fast food establishment breaks down: 

Square footage of the new McDonald's, the largest in the world, according to New York's Daily News

Floors the McDonald's will have

Diners the new McDonald's will seat, according to the Associated Press

Cashier lines

Diners the McDonald's expects to serve each day

1.7 million
Diners it expects to serve over the entire games

Big Macs to be served

McDonald's locations at the Olympics. Besides the super-sized flagship, there's one normal restaurant, one eatery in Athletes Village, and another in the Media Center.

Hours the Athletes Village McDonald's will be open each day. "The one in Athletes Village is likely to be the busiest of all of them and athletes know more than most people what they should and shouldn't be eating," says Jill McDonald, chief executive of McDonald's U.K.

Staffers McDonald's will bring in to work at the four locations

Years McDonald's has been an official Olympics sponsor. Britain's Academy of Royal Medical Colleges recently complained that having the fast food giant as an Olympic sponsor sends the wrong message.

Calories that U.S. Olympic swimming star Michael Phelps reportedly consumes each day during training, according to Fox News. (Phelps denies the report.)

2,500 to 3,000
Calories a day that the average man should consume, according to the FDA

Calories in a Big Mac

Big Macs Phelps could theoretically consume each day of the Olympics under his reported eating regimen

Days the London Olympics will last, from the Opening Ceremony on July 27 to the Closing Ceremony on August 12

Big Macs Phelps could theoretically consume throughout the entire games

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