Bling that sings
A design student creates a special pair of grills (a piece of gold or platinum status jewelry that encases your teeth) that can function as a tongue-controlled mp3 player. [New Scientist]

Dressing together to stay together
A Nebraska couple says the secret to the success of their 64-year marriage is the matching floral outfits they wear every day. [The Daily What]

Monetizing anger
Rovio Entertainment is set to release its first ever Angry Birds-themed credit card in Russia. [TIME]


Leading by example
Mitt Romney launches an iPhone app with a glaring typo that calls for "a better Amercia," prompting a flurry of proofreading-themed humor. [Tecca]

A man attempts to pay for his meal at Denny's with $1 and a bag of marijuana, but flees without his food after the cashier calls the cops. [Death & Taxes]

Mystery packages
An unidentified sender mails Canada's Conservative party headquarters a blood-soaked box containing a severed foot. [Newser]

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