Late sleepers
ABC's Good Morning America spawns a new spin-off, Good Afternoon America, which will premiere on July 9. [Gothamist]

Lucky breaks
A man survives his suicidal 180-foot plunge down Niagara Falls, becoming the third person ever to survive a jump over the falls without a safety device. [The Stir

Cruise control
An experiment finds that drivers who keep a consistent speed and don't slam on the brakes conserve quite a bit of gas, and can save an extra $100 at the pump each month. [TIME]


Dignity in politics
A 34-year-old woman poses topless in a billboard ad for her Mexican congressional campaign. [Newser]

Olympic buzz
Following an unremarkable showing at the 2010 Vancouver Games, the Kremlin announces a ban on alcohol at all London Olympic events involving Russian athletes. [Opposing Views]

Respecting the dead
An auction house is selling what it claims is a vial of Ronald Reagan's blood. The Reagan Presidential Foundation has denounced the sale as a "craven act." [Slate]

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