Sprucing up America's front yard
Washington, D.C., unveils a $700 million plan to renovate the National Mall, with highlights including a winter ice rink on a pond and an outdoor theater. [Huffington Post]

Useful pet tricks
A lost parakeet finds its way home by repeating its address to the police. [TIME]

Coming to America
Blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng, who has been seeking political asylum, is offered a fellowship at an American university, allowing him and his family to leave China. [Death & Taxes


A world-famous bear
The "falling bear," who made headlines when he was tranquilized and photographed tumbling out of a tree, is struck dead on the freeway after being released into the wild. [Newser]

Spirit Airlines announces that it will start charging passengers $100 for some carry-on bags. [Consumerist]

Giving it all in practice
Yankees star closer Mariano Rivera tears his ACL during practice and is out for the rest of the season. Fans fear the injury may end the 42-year-old legend's career. [Gothamist]

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